50+ ‘Scary Stories’ That Are Actually 100% Real


“My friend and I used to play in a creek as a kid. It had a tunnel that went under a road. We used to go in the tunnel to make noises and hear the echo, little kid stuff like that. Also just to preface, the part of the creek we played at was maybe 25-50 yards away from a relatively popular park. So one day we went into the tunnel and there were two grown men in there. Being the innocent children we were, we thought they were just playing or trying to catch some minos. Then they started a conversation, I don’t remember what it was about, but they got us to follow them quite a ways away from the park and any houses. Now, at the very end of the creek, there was a deep pocket with some fish right before it drained out to some unknown location. Anyway, some people fished down there. So they got us back to this pool, all alone when out of no where a dad and his son came out of the woods onto the sand bed with fishing poles. The men looked very frightened and said that we were their kids, my friend and I said something along the lines of “we aren’t your kids!” Then the dad told brought us back to the park, asked my friend (who was older than me) what his mom’s number is and told us to go play on the playground with his son. Next thing I know, both of our moms show up. His was livid with us and mine was just happy to see us. Then the cops showed up, asked us to describe the men, said they would check it out, and then we were instructed never to go back there ever again. Being the dumb kids we were, we went right back as soon as we could, thankfully though, we never saw those two men again.”


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