50+ ‘Scary Stories’ That Are Actually 100% Real


“The Spider-Man of Denver.

Mrs Peters was an elderly woman who broke her hip in a fall, leaving her husband alone in their house while she stayed in the hospital. He was found bludgeoned to death in their home, which was obviously a shock to poor Mrs Peters, especially as their wasn’t a sign of forced entry. But a few weeks later she moved back into the home with a housekeeper. Not for long though, since both women heard noises, saw “Mr Peter’s ghost” walking the halls, and found objects and food moved or missing. They left the house in terror.

The neighbourhood rumour of the haunted house spread. People saw movement in the now-empty house and police were put on patrol. Then one night they chased the suspected intruder in the house right into one of the houses closets and up through the entrance to the “coffin sized” attic, an entrance that the officers saw and didn’t enter in investigating Mr Peters death as they believed it was only large enough to allow spiders inside.

He had been living in the attic before Mrs Peters accident and assumed the house was empty when he came down to surprise Mr Peters and in the ensuing confrontation beat him to death, just to return to his attic hideaway and live there while his widow lived downstairs.”


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