50+ ‘Scary Stories’ That Are Actually 100% Real


“When I was a kid I was riding my bike in a nearby road and a van pulled up, 2 men got out and picked up a kid who was riding his bike. Tore him off it while he screamed and put him in the back. When they saw me frozen still standing there in the road they looked angry and started to walk towards me. To this day I’ve never moved so fast, You know in movies when cars don’t start at scary moments, I couldn’t get my feet on the pedals for what felt like forever. Pulled away and sped round the corner, up my garden path and ran to my mum. She didn’t believe me. Wouldn’t call the police.

I also have a memory of us looking for a missing boy as a community in nearby fields and helicopters saying his description.

That was the last I remember.

No news stories I can find about a missing boy in any year where it happened. Nobody remembers it, not even Mum.”


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