50+ ‘Scary Stories’ That Are Actually 100% Real


“I work at a pizza place in St. Louis called IMO’s. About 10 years ago, there was a guy who was a manager at our store named Michael Devlin. He abducted 2 children in total but quickly got caught a few days after abducting the second child. The terrifying thing is that he had held the first child (who was 11 when abducted) captive for over 4 years and pretended that he was his son. The kid even went by the last name Devlin after the whole charade was over! He abducted the second kid by following a school bus to somewhere in buttfuck Missouri, somewhere where hardly anyone would be able to see him. When he pulled up in his truck, a kid in the back of the bus noticed how it was weird that there was a car in the area other than the usual one’s he saw on most commutes. Next thing he knew, the kid they dropped off went missing, so he gave the police a description of it. A few days later, after reading the paper, my pizza shop owner, Mike, recognized the description and ended up filing a report on his own manager. Devlin is serving like 70 life sentences or some crazy shit. Also, I work with some people who worked with him- most I’ve heard them say about him is that he was a dick 😂”


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