50+ ‘Scary Stories’ That Are Actually 100% Real


“My grandmother used to work at a mental illness facility when I was little, it was a place prisoners went after committing crimes that were so horrific they were deemed very mentally unstable and not suitable for a prison. One of her patients (who was VERY fond of her) was put into this place because he had strangled his mum and dad one night, hid their bodies under the floor boards, and every now and then brought his mother’s body up to have sex with. He was caught after a few months because the smell of rotting corpses had reached the neighbours, and they were cornered that they hadn’t seen them in a while.

My grandmother lived within walking distance from this facility and so the prisoners that were deemed well enough to roam around the grounds were able to see her walking home. One of the other patients most have told him about where she lived because one night he escaped and went straight to my grandmother’s house, knocking on the door and begging to come in.

Safe to say he was caught very quickly and my grandparents later moved house. Still scary to imagine though.”


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