50+ ‘Scary Stories’ That Are Actually 100% Real


“A guy I know is a boat mechanic. So one Saturday he’s on his own doing some work on a boat and suddenly he comes too and he’s on the ground. He knew there was water under the boat he’d been working on so he assumes he’s been electrocuted and he’s vaguely aware of someone behind him. So he starts yelling “help help I’ve been electrocuted” and he hears whoever is behind him leave. He keeps yelling and eventually a guy in a neighbouring business hears him and comes to his aid. When he’s at the hospital he finds out he wasn’t electrocuted, someone had hit him on the back of the head with his own mallet. Nothing was stolen from the shop.

Meaning someone (who was never caught) was just walking by and spontaneously decided to hit him on the back of the head for no reason.”


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