17 Chilling ‘I Met A Murderer’ Stories That Will Make You Paranoid AF

He said the neck is ‘rubbery’

“When I was locked up I met quite a few murderers.

One guy sawed off someone’s head, and if you talked to him he came across as a quiet nerdy dude who would never do anything wrong. He seemed like he just went psycho all of a sudden I don’t know. He said the neck is very rubbery when you try to cut it…like wtf. he got caught while he was out on the run. He smoked a joint outside a gas station and they called the cops on him. They had no idea who they had arrested until he got to county.

The weirdest part is interacting with people who are about to do life in prison or 40 + years and you’re only there for less then a year. Really put things into perspective.

Another dude that stuck with me is he kidnapped his ex girlfriend and tied her up in a closet. After he shaved her hair he put food just out of her reach and starved her slowly. She realized she was gonna die and so said that she loved him and wanted to be with him again, obviously a lie, and he released her!

This dude was stocky guy with a big beard, we nicknamed him buffalo bill. He looked like someone you’d run into at a biker bar.

Lots of very odd and creepy people in jail/prison.”

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