17 Chilling ‘I Met A Murderer’ Stories That Will Make You Paranoid AF

He pointed out places he put bodies

“He was a former mid-level mobster in the Patriarca crime family during the 70s and 80s. When I knew him later, he was openly racist and sexist and so fat that people stared at him in public. He’d scream offensive things at pedestrians as he drove by, like yelling “me love you long time!” at an attractive Asian girl minding her own business.
He had his hilarious moments but mostly I was repulsed by him. I was so embarrassed to be around him in public, but I tolerated him once in awhile because he was a close family friend of my girlfriend at the time, like an uncle to her. He was somewhat disabled because he was so fat, so it was difficult for him to walk around. He loved taking my gf on long drives and telling her stories about his mafia days. I remember there were a few specific locations along the coast where here’d always tell us, “There’s a body there…'” — YeahButThatsNothing

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