11 Babysitters Share The Creepiest Thing That Ever Happened While They Were Alone With The Kids


The kidnapping that almost was

I was in grade school and was told to watch my brother a year younger than me. My doorbell rang once and I didn’t answer because I was taught not to answer the door when young and home alone. So I just ignore the ring.

Then the doorbell is pressed another five times so I assume it’s my family or a friend. I go into my dining room and peer through the window. A man in a trench coat with a hat is walking away from my home and starts pacing in my driveway.

I freak out and check that my back door is locked and get my brother to do the garage and the front door. The man comes back as my brother is sitting UNDERNEATH the door as the man is now not only knocking and ringing the doorbell but also trying to turn the door knob.

After a few minutes he goes onto the road and reverses… In his KIDNAPPER car down my street. Still wondering what would’ve happened if he turned the knob his first visit to my door.


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