Here’s What 18 Killer’s Last Meal On Death Row Looked Like

Fritz Haarmann

Tom Gilbert
Tom Gilbert

Friedrich Heinrich Karl Haarmann, also known as The Butcher of Hanover, was a serial rapist and killer responsible for the deaths of at least 24 boys over the course of 1918 to 1924. All of Haarmann’s victims were between the ages of 10-22, and he became known as “the butcher” or “the vampire” due to the severe mutilation of his victim’s bodies and his preference for biting into or through their throats. Haarmann would lure victims back to one of his three addresses where he would strangle them before or while biting into or through their Adam’s Apple. Haarmann referred this this act as a “love bite.” After being arrested for sexual assault, police searched his apartment and found clothing and possessions for many missing boys, as well as a skull in the garden. Haarmann was sentenced to death by guillotine in 1925. He made no appeal saying that death would “atone him of his crimes.”

For his last meal, Haarmann was given a very expensive cigar to smoke in his cell while sipping a Brazilian coffee.


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