Here’s What 18 Killer’s Last Meal On Death Row Looked Like

John Wayne Gacy


John Wayne Gacy Jr. was the serial rapist and killer responsible for the deaths of at least 33 teenage boys and young men between the years of 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois. All of Gacy’s crimes were committed in his Norwood Park home. After his victims were bound (typically with handcuffs) Gacy would rape them and torture them, and eventually strangle them before burying them in either a crawlspace in his home, along his property, or dumping them in the river. After being put under investigation for the disappearance of Robert Jerome Piest, Gacy eventually confessed to murdering him to his lawyers. Upon finding human remains in his crawlspace during a search of his 8213 Summerdale home, Gacy was promptly arrested. On March 11th, 1980, he was convicted and sentenced to death. Gacy was on death row for 14 years before being executed by lethal injection in 1994.

His last meal was a dozen deep-fried shrimp, a bucket of original recipe chicken from KFC, French fries, and a pound of strawberries. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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