Here’s What 18 Killer’s Last Meal On Death Row Looked Like

Mona Fandey


Mona Fandey (legal name Maznah Ismail) was a musician, witch doctor, and convicted murderer from Malaysia. After leaving the music idustry, Fandey became involved in witchcraft and was a well-known shaman. She was known for involving herself and her craft with various politicians. Mazlan Idris, a state assemblyman for the constituency of Batu Talam, sought out her services in an attempt to boost his political career. Fandey had a talisman she claimed would make Mazlan “invincible” and demanded a payment of RM 2.5 million (equivalent of around $560,000 USD). Mazlan came to her house for a cleansing ritual where he was told to lie back, close his eyes, wait for money to “fall from the sky.” Upon doing so Fandey’s assistant Juraimi Hassan decapitated Mazlan. They also dismembered and partially skinned his body. Post-murder, Fandey got a face-lift and bought a new Mercedes with her new found fortune. Police found his body close to her home and her arrest and trial were extremely televised. She, her husband, and their assistant were found guilty for the murder in 1995. In 2001, she was executed by hanging after her last appeal was denied.

Her last meal was KFC.


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