67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark


“This happened to my old coworker:

She was in the process of purchasing a new home. Her and her family would visit the developing home every weekend just to see the progress of the house. A few weeks passed where life got busy and they couldn’t visit it. Her 3 year old daughter came up to her one day and said, “mommy when are we going to the house again? I wanna see my friend!” She replied, “Oh ok sweetie, we’re going there tomorrow actually.” She said, “Yay!” And ran off. My coworker thought that maybe she was talking about a neighborhood kid or something like that and didn’t think much of it. They visit the house the following day, and on the way home, her daughter starts crying. “Mommy I’m so sad I didn’t see my friend!” And she replied, “Oh honey, don’t worry. Maybe you’ll see your friend next weekend when we go.” So my coworker prayed that night to basically bring her daughter comfort and make her forget about this “friend.” That or have her see whoever this is next weekend. Well… the next day her daughter comes running into the room saying, “Mommy mommy I’m so happy I saw my friend!” She replied, “Oh you did? Where did you see your friend?” (Confused because she always talks about seeing her “friend” on the other side of town). “I saw her in the mirror.” Her daughter replied. “Wut?” My coworker said. “She said she loves me but she can’t see me anymore.” My coworker asked, “What’s your friends name? And what does she look like?” Her daughter responded, “She’s really pretty! Long dark hair, and her name is Deanna.” My coworker’s heart sank. That was the name of her sister that died at birth.” — katiebug0313 TC mark


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