67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark


“When I was young we use to live in a house that we didn’t know was haunted at the time. There were many thing I remember happening, but the one that freaked me out was when my sister’s said that whenever they tried to look for me, they always found me in my mom and dads closet with the door closed. I would be sitting there in the dark and play with my toys, and when they asked why I was in there I would say I’m playing with my friends.
Other things kept happening that my parents brought a medicine man to the house. He told us that an old man and his 2 granddaughters died in a fire in the house. So he did his ceremony to get rid of the spirits, he told us to leave the front door open for tonight and we all sleep in the living room. towards the middle of the night I remember we all woke up to the sound of the front door slamming shut, indicating that the spirits have left us.” — nativelight


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