67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Peeping Tom

“I don’t know if this counts because I was too young to actually remember this happening, but one day when I was in elementary school my mom picked my brother and I up from school and we stopped to play at a local park on the way home. We ended up leaving early because there was a sketchy truck parked there (not in the parking lot) and my mom was a little uneasy about it.

Later that night, my mom was getting ready for bed and screamed because there was a guy peering through her bedroom window. My dad ran outside but the guy was gone already.
A month or so later, we were watching America’s most wanted and my mom recognized one of the guys as the guy who had been peering through her window. His truck was identical to the sketchy truck she had seen at the park. He had murdered his girlfriend’s parents (girlfriend and brother were stabbed but survived, IIRC).” — BareShoulderHeathen


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