67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

The murder chair

“Took my 3 year old daughter on a hiking trail through some local woods. I let my daughter lead the way and she chose to turn up a path that was far less well trafficked than most of the trails in the area.

About 10-15 minutes in on this relatively overgrown and barely there trail, heading deeper into a more isolated portion of the forest than I’d ever been to previously, we came across a grizzly sight. A white plastic lawn chair tied to a tree by a rope, the seat covered in splatters of days old dried viscous fluid.

I snapped that pic and then picked my daughter up and noped the fuck right out of there.
After the fact I’ve come to a far less creepy explanation for what we saw, but in the moment it was creepy as fuck.” — OctavianX


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