67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Haunted tattoo shop

“Worked in a tattoo shop where two of the past owners had died. One of them died just a block away from the shop, and it was long rumored that the shop was haunted/cursed. Weird stuff would happen like speakers/decorative knives falling off shelves overnight and smashing through our glass-topped light table, and the lights would flicker on and off.

One late night I was alone in the shop tattooing some eighteen-year-old kid and the light above me started flickering. My lights above my station had always been perfectly lit so this seemed unusual. It was flickering so much that it was starting to get annoying and I began to feel nervous, even though I really didn’t believe the shop was haunted. Finally after a few minutes of this I stopped tattooing for a second, looked up at the light, and said in my head, “okay [dead shop owner’s name], I get it, you’re here. Can you stop messing with my light, please?” It was supposed to be kind of a joke.

The light stopped flickering INSTANTLY. It went back to just shining regular ol’ light and I went back to tattooing, pretty shaken up. From that moment I knew the dead shop owner was there and I knew he was just causing occasional mayhem to fuck with us, nothing malicious but definitely haunting that place.” — mmiikkiitt


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