67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark


“When I was 12 my cat went missing in the summer. We lived in the country near a lot of farms and he was an indoor/outdoor cat but he would come home every night for his dinner. He hadn’t shown up for 2 days and I’d been roaming around the fields looking for him. The 2nd night I had a vivid dream where I saw him lying on his side in a field, dead, with his neck snapped and his tongue hanging out. The next morning I went out as soon as I woke up and walked exactly to where his body was in a field about 600 yards from my house where I hadn’t looked yet. He looked just as he did in my dream, down to the position of his body and his tongue being out. We figure he got his neck snapped by a coyote or dog. Creeped me right out and I strongly believe that dreams can tell you things if you only pay attention. Since then I’ve had other dreams that have come true or warned me of things, but this was the most vivid – it was like a photograph – and 20 years later I can still see the image clearly in my mind. RIP sweet Max.” — lumaday


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