67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Creepy student

“I am a teacher of adult students, and one student of mine is kind of intense and creepy. Actually, she’s based at another school, but specifically started attending classes at my school after meeting me. When i first started, she kept giving me ‘welcome presents’ as I was new to the country. Just simple things like food, postcards and books, which was a nice idea but it seemed a little excessive. She added me on social media and then got upset when i didn’t reply to her constant messages (i told her that i don’t really use social media).

Anyway, i didn’t see her for a few months and figured she’d just gone back to her own school or stopped studying or whatever, and was relieved that she’d clearly got bored of me. But then last week she comes in and gives me an envelope full of photos of me during lessons that she’d taken… without me knowing.” — antisarcastics


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