67 True Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark


“This happened quite a few years ago when I was at Uni. My friends and I were living on a ground floor flat and my room was at the front of the biulding, outside my window was the front garden.

My boyfriend (at the time) and I had literally just finished having sex and I put my head on the pillow and glanced to my right, which is where the window was. There was a gap between the curtain and the window and I was met with a pair eyes watching me.
We both (me and the peeper) had the instinct to look away and then quickly look back. At this point, I shouted to my ex, that there was someone watching us from outside. He jumped, opened the window and shouted various amusing warnings. He could see that the grass was disturbed so that someone had been there and by the looks of it more than once.

From further inspection the next morning, we found out that he had jumped the small hedge and exited through my neighbours garden.” — treatmelikeatable


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