41 Of The Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time

Missy Bevers

From Reddit:

On April 18th, 2016, 45 year old fitness instructor, Terri Bevers (who often went by the name Missy) was brutally murdered inside Creekside Church located in Midlothian, Texas in the early hours of the morning.

At the time, she was getting preparations ready for a fitness class — Camp Gladiator — before her students were to arrive at 5 in the morning. Once class was soon to begin, that’s when Missy’s students discovered her lifeless body. Her death was caused by puncture wounds to the head and chest.

As the investigation went underway, the police discovered surveillance footage [inside the church] with the suspect dressed in tactical gear [SWAT]. This person was dressed to the nine, from the vest, pants, boots and even a helmet, along with a hammer that was used for Missy’s murder.

This is where things became peculiar. Whomever this POI is, they had a very unorthodoxed and unnatural posture/stance, especially when walking aimlessly. Whether this was intentional or not, it cannot be confirmed.

Nevertheless, this footage did allow the police to build a timeline of events.

Surveillance shows the suspect inside walking around casually and opening the many doors. Not only that, this incident took place at approximately 4:15 in the morning, just 45 minutes before Missy’s class was to start.

Although presumed to be male, officers are still unsure on the gender of this individual. Subsequently, investigators started to look into Missy’s personal life. Due to search warrants the police were able to find — possible — motives.

Missy was a mother of three kids and having a lot of troubles financially and with her marriage, specifically on her part with unfaithfulness. Texts and other forms of messages found her being flirtatious with another male(s?). With that being uncovered, police finally had their biggest break in the case, yet unfortunately that avenue didn’t provide any substantial clues that would help determine Missy’s killer.

Missy’s husband, Brandon, told police he strongly believes that the murderer is a female and knew her on some form of personal basis. Furthermore, he suggests that this unidentified person attempted to make this tragedy look like a burglary gone wrong, mainly due to surveillance showing this individual opening doors and breaking glass windows.

The strangeness of this case didn’t stop there, however. A few days after the murder had happened, Missy’s father-in-law, Randy Bevers, went to the dry cleaners bringing in a women’s XXL long sleeve shirt covered in blood. He told the employees that it was merely from a Chihuahua dog that was recently injured and taken to a vet.

Out of suspicion, employees contacted the police and the shirt was subjected to DNA testing for evidence. Nonetheless, the vet was able to confirm this incident. Although the shirt became ruled out, investigators still had their eye on Randy.

More interestingly enough, Randy, the father-in-law, is roughly the same height and weight of the stranger captured on surveillance. While this crime was making its coverage on various television news channels, the family of Missy were brought into the public eye.

During a particular broadcast, the father-in-law was interviewed. As such, many people noticed that his demeanor was slightly different in terms of emotion. Not only that, the way Randy walked was practically identical to the POI in the surveillance footage.
Eight months has since passed by and despite all of this information, the case is still unsolved as of today, December 28th, 2016, and no updates have been made that’s been released to the public. Missy’s murderer is still free.

I think this case deserves a lot more attention than it’s receiving. Whether the killer is a male or female, I cannot say for certain. That being said, in my eyes, this case should be solvable. I can’t fathom the notion of this simply being an act of sheer randomness.

To me, it was methodical, deliberate, and personal, with the killer knowing Missy on a level of friendship or simply acquaintances in one way or another. This unidentified person had an idea of Missy’s schedule and planned their attack accordingly. I’m hopeful this case will be solved soon.

More footage of a strange vehicle driving around the area before the murder:

Here is a chilling comparison to the gait of the person on surveillance footage and Missy’s father in law:


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