41 Of The Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time

Jessica Haddix

From Reddit:

Jessica Haddix, 29, went missing in late April of 2009 from the Perry County area of Kentucky. In early May of the same year, her body was found in the Knott County area on an old strip mining area. She was wrapped in a tarp and stuffed in a drain pipe.
I don’t think they ever released her cause of death, but IIRC she was killed around the same time she was reported missing.

She was last seen arguing with her ex-husband, who she had been living with. Jessica had two kids, one with this ex. She was reportedly threatening to leave him and was planning on taking their son with her. Her ex was also seemingly abusive. Jessica had even showed up to her daughter’s soccer game with a black eye on time.

After she was last seen, her ex-husband was seen on camera using her food stamp card at a local grocery. Her car was found not far from his house.

A local woman who did Jessica’s taxes tried calling her, not knowing that Jessica was already missing and presumably dead. She was calling to inform Jessica that she needed to come in and sign some papers. Jessica’s ex-husband answered the phone and simply said Jessica was not there, and hung up.

After her body was found, her ex-husband received custody of their son. The woman who tried calling Jessica reported the phone call to the police, and they said they would look into it. They never followed up with woman.

Most people are convinced her ex-husband killed her to stop her from taking their son.

His parents were well known, and had many connections in the community. The investigation into her death was virtually non-existent, and it seems to point to a cover up by the local PD. It seems plausible, because how do you put no effort into what seems to be a murder that seems easily solvable? No DNA tests were ran, ex-husband has no alibi, no arrests were made and nobody was thoroughly questioned. So was it shotty, inexperienced officers? Or a cover up?

Her daughter was barely 9 years old and her son wasn’t even a toddler when their mother was murdered. They had to grow up without a mom. Jessica and her family deserve justice.


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