41 Of The Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time

Kathryn Ott

From Reddit:

This missing person’s case does not have much coverage and I am hoping to bring some interest back to this 3 year old unresolved disappearance.

In 2014, Kathryn Gayle Ott was 56 years old. She was 62-64 inches tall and weighed around 125-140 pounds. Kathy had brown eyes, that may appear hazel and wore eyeglasses. She avoided driving at night. She underwent a hysterectomy in 2013 that left her with an abdominal scar. She had a bad left knee cap with noticeable scarring from where a wire was placed to keep the knee together. She had been losing her blonde, graying hair and wore a wig. Her family believes she had been recently diagnosed with a serious medical condition in 2014, although she had not disclosed any details of an illness to them.

Kathy packed up her things and left her husband at their home in Lapeer, Michigan, in May 2014 after receiving social security disability with back pay. CORRECTION: She received supplemental security income with back pay. She drove her 2003 gray Chevrolet Impala with Michigan tag 2JS N90 to her son’s home in Gulf Shores, Alabama arriving in the end of May 2014.

On June 17th, 2014, she left Alabama after finding out she would not be able to receive her SSI checks. Her wig was left behind at her son’s home. According to family, a missing person’s report was filed and her children have not spoken to her since she left Gulf Shores.

But in late August 2014, Kathy called her father from St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee where she was receiving treatment for unknown reasons. This is the last time anyone heard from or saw Kathy.

Her NamUs case file has Murfreesboro Police Department as the investigating agency and her missing person’s report was filed February 27th, 2015.

What did Kathy do for 2 months with no incoming money? How did she end up in Murfreesboro?

Where is Kathryn Ott?


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