25 Ways You Can Accidentally Ruin Everything In Your 20s

You’re young, but you don’t have to act dumb. You can avoid a future filled with regrets as long as you stay away from these bad habits mentioned on Ask Reddit.

The Cause of and Cure for Limerence

13. Being boring

“Not being interesting.

Really. It takes time to be interesting, it takes time to grow a personality and an identity that isn’t based off the things you like (or worse, the things you hate) or some preconceived labels.

People say, go out, live life, have an adventure! And yeah, that’s a way to be interesting. But reading books, writing, painting, cultivating a knowledge base either very specific or very broad- those are also ways to be interesting.

And what’s so important about being interesting? Well, the obvious way is that its a way to meet people, and make them stay. And while you may not need people, its still nice to have them.

But I’d probably say even more important than that, is that it gives you a sense of who you are, and what you want to do, and thus ways to relate to people. Because you can’t be interesting… without interests. And goals beyond just living to tomorrow and avoiding suffering, because life isn’t just about avoiding suffering, or at least, we all should hope it isn’t. And when tragedy inevitably comes, or you find yourself suddenly in a strange new place or alone…

in the end, you’ll find yourself interesting. Too interesting to give up on, too interesting to throw away.

So you know. Do something unique. Dare to disagree. Explore an inclination, scratch an itch. Because in this cynical world, its dangerous to just be a collection of likes and dislikes, easily moved and swayed because you don’t have a place you want to be. So be interesting.” — dieterschaumer


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