21 Gruesome Serial Killers You May Not Have Heard Of — But You’ll Never Forget

Amelia Dyer

“Amelia Dyer murdered possibly 400 infants during the Victorian period. Her picture literally makes me shudder.” — books_and_wine

“Basically, Amelia Dyer promised young soon to be mothers that she was a well respected care taker and nurse that was married. She told them she could take their baby and raise them, for a one time pay off for clothes and stuff. Once she got the baby and money, she would kill he baby and take the money. She did this over 400 times.” — __MrFancyPants__

“‘There, Dyer quickly found some white edging tape used in dressmaking, wound it twice around the baby’s neck and tied a knot. Death would not have been immediate. (Amelia later said “I used to like to watch them with the tape around their neck, but it was soon all over with them”)’

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