21 Gruesome Serial Killers You May Not Have Heard Of — But You’ll Never Forget

Denis Nilsen

“Denis Nilsen. He is a British serial killer and former policeman. He used to lure “lost” young men like drifters to his apartment with the promise of food. He would murder them and keep their bodies around to talk to until they decomposed too badly. then he would dismember and incinerate them. He killed 16 men before being caught.” — ZigguratofDoom

Dennis Rader

“BTK, Dennis Rader. This is mostly biased because I read John Douglas’ book about him, with all the excrutiating details of his crimes.

Sample: During a home invasion, he tied up the hands and feet of the mother, father, and brother who was around 9 yrs old. One by one, he then duct-taped a plastic bag over their heads. The young daughter was forced to sit on his lap and watch as they suffocated.

Finally, he took the daughter to the basement, put a noose around her neck and looped it around a pipe so the other end was free. He could then sit in a chair and periodically choke her until near death, loosening the rope intermittently to keep her alive. And, of course, he ejaculated on her after killing her. I would say he should get a taste of his own medicine, but he actually got off on doing this stuff to himself too.” — Nova_Shield

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