21 Gruesome Serial Killers You May Not Have Heard Of — But You’ll Never Forget

Tommy Lynn Sells

“Suspected of killing over 22 people. Considered the most “evil” serial killer of all time by many psychologists due to his lack of “rules.” He killed men, women and children with equal lack of empathy. He once fully castrated and killed a man in front of his 8 months pregnant wife who then went into labor out of shock, he clubbed the newborn baby on the floor to kill it and then killed the mother.” — ne0n_valkyrie

“I watched some show about I think his last murder. He broke into a house and was in a bedroom killing some girl and another girl was in a top bunk bed frozen in fear. He didn’t see her at first and was closing door behind him and happened to look up and they made eye contact. In the video he was reenacting what happened for police and he just nonchalantly walked over and slashed her throat. Dude was a fucking psycho.” — mgoosen

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