21 Gruesome Serial Killers You May Not Have Heard Of — But You’ll Never Forget

Ed Gein

“Ed Gein was an avid collector of human body parts, whether obtained from doing the killing himself or by exhuming buried people. When they searched his house they found (from wikipedia):

-Whole human bones and fragments
-Wastebasket made of human skin
-Human skin covering several chair seats
-Skulls on his bedposts
-Female skulls, some with the tops sawn off
-Bowls made from human skulls A corset made from a female torso skinned from shoulders to waist
-Leggings made from human leg skin
-Masks made from the skin from female heads
-Mary Hogan’s face mask in a paper bag
-Mary Hogan’s skull in a box
-Bernice Worden’s entire head in a burlap sack
-Bernice Worden’s heart “in a plastic bag in front of Gein’s potbellied stove”
-Nine vulvae in a shoe box
-A young girl’s dress and “the vulvas of two females judged to have been about fifteen years old”
-A belt made from female human nipples
-Four noses
-A pair of lips on a window shade drawstring
-A lampshade made from the skin of a human face
-Fingernails from female fingers” — liquor_for_breakfast

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