21 Gruesome Serial Killers You May Not Have Heard Of — But You’ll Never Forget

Gilles de Rais

“He had power as he was a baron, and he used that power to rape and kill hundreds of children. Forty naked bodies were found at his home in Machecoul alone.

At his trial, one of his servants testified that Gilles de Rais liked to fuck open wounds made with a special sword rather than their natural orifices. He also described that Gilles would get the children drunk, then take them up to a special room where they’d be hung up by ropes and tortured.

Gilles de Rais would then jack off on the kid, and take the child down to comfort him or her. He’d tell them all he wanted was to play with them. Then he’d brutally murder them or have one of his servants do it. He particularly liked watching the children react to big reveals, like when they first entered the special room and were told why they were here. One of his particular favourites was to watch the reaction of the kids while they died while sitting on them.

The scariest most disturbing thing about this man is that had he not kidnapped a priest, his crimes most likely never would’ve been brought to light. The church investigated him because he messed with the church. He held one of the highest offices in France, Maréchal de France, fought with Joan of Arc, and was a favourite of the king. Estimates place his murders between 150 on the low side and 800 on the high side.” — DaveyGee16

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