21 Gruesome Serial Killers You May Not Have Heard Of — But You’ll Never Forget

Columbian serial killers

“Sometimes USA serial killers seem so light compared to the ones in my country, in Colombia there are three men that tougher make for killing about 500 – 700 children across the country in the 70s and 80s.

1) Daniel Camargo: In the 1970s he raped and killed about 100 girls

2) Luis Alfredo GARAVITO: Growing up as a young boy in he 90s everyone knew and was protecting their kids from Garavito you knew his name and had it burned in your memory he Raped murdered and killed about 150 kids and he is currently in Jail in Colombia definitely the most famous of the three.

3) The Monster of the Andes: The most horrible of all of them (Though his nickname is awesome) he is accused of personally torturing, raping and murdering a total of 300+ Children Across Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, he was jailed in the 90s where about 150 murders were confirmed, THE WORST PART IS THE MOTHERFUCKER IS STILL ALIVE AND WAS FREED IN 2002 HE IS NOW SOMEWHERE LIVING A NORMAL LIFE (I HOPE HE IS DOING THAT) AFTER KILLING MORE THAN 300 KIDS, this man is called the worst murderer in recent history.

Just imagine the worst USA serial killers but combine it with an incompetent police force and thousands of kids form the countryside that in the 70s no one gave a fuck about and you can brew monsters like these.” — Machine_Meza

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