17 Creepy ‘Driving At Night’ Stories That Will Make You Stay Home Tonight

Favi Santos

The trap

“I had pulled over one night to fuss at my two young children. A car pulled up beside me and told me that there had been a wreck over the next hill and traffic was stopped. They suggested that I take a side road that detours the wreck. I thanked them and they left. I decided not to take that road cause I’m from the country and didn’t want to get lost. As I drove by the “detour” road, I looked over and saw the couple had stopped and had gotten out of their car. There was nothing but woods all around. It was just getting dark and that’s all I could see. The next morning as I drove by the same road, I saw the DEAD END sign just past where the couple had gotten out of their car. Still gives me chills when I drive past it now and it’s been 15 years since it happened!”


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