Freaks In The Woods: 17 True Stories Of Scary Encounters Deep In The Forest

9. It still kinda bugs me that a guy just vanished like that.

“My buddies and I would hit up the desert at night and go 4 wheeling on the trails. This one night we had stopped for a break and this guy rolls up on us. He asks us if he can join us and we say sure. We continue riding and I was second to last, with him being the last one. We were pretty familiar with the trails so I kept looking back checking in on him not knowing how familiar he was or experienced rider he was. As we’re approaching the hill that overlooks most of the area I look back and he’s gone. I flag my buddies down and we go back to look for him. Nothing. We go up the hill, kill our engines and listen for his bike or look for his lights. It was pitch-black and not a sound. From the hill I’m sure you could see for a few miles, but there was no trace of him. We looked for him or his bike till about 3am and we’re unsuccessful. It still kinda bugs me that a guy just vanished like that. I hope nothing happened to the dude.

This was maybe 12ish years back in El Paso, Texas. A lot of the riding desert areas have become heavily populated by now. We were scared out of our minds so our last though was to call the cops. None of us had actually talked to the guy. He just rolled up on us. We asked him if he wanted to ride with us and he just nodded yes. We watched the news like hawks for weeks after to see if there was a body found or something and nothing. It’s kinda probable that it was a drug runner being that it was in a border town.”



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