Freaks In The Woods: 17 True Stories Of Scary Encounters Deep In The Forest

8. Dude is fumbling around and it’s scary as hell because it’s the middle of the darkness in the middle of nowhere.

“A trail I like backpacking in an isolated area of Pennsylvania was the setting for this is odd encounter. The trail has a short section that goes over someone’s cabin property and continues on the other side of his yard, it’s marked with an orange blaze so you can see where to go. Usually it’s an empty cabin, I always do some peering inside since it’s in a pretty secluded spot, probably 4 or 5 miles from a major road. One time I was hiking through and there is a large dude grilling outside with about 15 bud light cans on the ground around him. I distinctly remember him saying ‘keep it moving no food here,’ which I thought was funny since I didn’t say anything about needing food. Fast forward the following year and I decide to take my sister, my wife and her best friend on a trip that takes us through this very spot. As we are walking up on it I see the dude is there again which is odd, since I’ve hiked the trail 100 times and this is only twice I’ve seen him. He is grilling again, beer cans everywhere. I see him start to give the ‘keep it moving’ signal until he sees who I am with. Now, the girls in traveling with are attractive so I’m nervous all of a sudden. He asks us to stay for dinner, says he has plenty of extra food. I tell him no we are good, just trying to enjoy the trail away from the comforts of home. He gets weirdly pushy about us staying and I firmly say no thanks and we are just passing through. I hear the dude mumble to himself as we continue past his house. This is where things get weird. There is a prominent camping spot not far from this section of trail and it’s late-in my head I want to keep going because I don’t want to camp near this asshole. The consensus is everyone is pretty tired so we set up camp. I’m nervous the whole time thinking this drunk dude knows there are three women camping in tents near his cabin. I never get nervous around folk I see on the trail because everyone is usually very nice and wonderful to talk to. This guy just felt off to me though. Fast forward to the middle of the night and sure enough I hear someone on the trail outside the tent. I’m just praying it’s a bear at this point. But I hear the dude mumbling to himself and I panic. I hear him now in the camp. He’s going through our shit and is piss drunk. Fuck. Ok think. I realize I have a blow horn on my pack I use on the trail to scare animals off should I encounter any. So I unzip the tent slowly and roll out. Dude is fumbling around and it’s scary as hell because it’s the middle of the darkness in the middle of nowhere. I start to run towards him and blow my air horn repeatedly and it’s LOUD AS SHIT. Everyone in their tents start screaming. The dude nearly shits his pants and starts bumbling the fuck out of there. Everyone is so shooken up at this point we pack up and night hike out of there. Worst experience I’ve ever had.”



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