47 Former Players Reveal Exactly How One Special Girl Changed Them For Good

8. “My younger sister gave me the wake-up call I needed without even knowing it. I was a jerk to her and every other female who crossed my path throughout adolescence. Finally, my lil’ sis couldn’t take it anymore. Know what she did? She bugged my room and cybersnooped through my computer. Then she compiled this thorough report—some kind of serious CIA type shit—for our parents showcasing my misogyny. I was so humiliated and rattled and angry, but also kind of impressed, truthfully. I mean, she had some balls, my sister. Or should I say she ‘had some vagina?’ Anyway, I gradually reframed my attitude after that by limiting the amount of sexist porn I watched and adjusting the way I spoke about and to women. Sometimes you have to be shamed into being a better person. Sis and I are close, and I just decided to take my fiancée’s name once we’re married six months from now.”

— Henry, 32


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