47 Former Players Reveal Exactly How One Special Girl Changed Them For Good

heart is still broken
Unsplash / Jenna Anderson

7. “I realize it’s frustrating when a man says that becoming the father to a daughter made him respect women more automatically. Because we shouldn’t have to become parents to appreciate something as basic as equal rights. And yet, if I’m going to be honest, that is what did it for me. I impregnated someone I was seeing casually a few years ago and I was truthfully pissed as hell when she decided to have the baby. I wanted to keep on doing my thing, sleeping with multiple women at the same time without getting serious and without thinking about anyone’s feelings or the future. All that’s changed, thanks to my little girl and her mother. We’re not together, but we co-parent really well and I’m a new man—a real man, you might say—thanks to those two.”

— TJ, 29


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