47 Former Players Reveal Exactly How One Special Girl Changed Them For Good

6. “Picture it: A man walks into a club on a mission to pick up a woman, says whatever it takes to her to get her into bed, scores, wakes up, and does it all over again. That was me for years on end because I was a trust fund kid with no direction after graduating but plenty of time and money to spend going out at night. I was a legit womanizer. Until I met a woman who literally slapped me into rethinking things. I threw down some lame line and before I could take another sip of my vodka soda, her hand was smacking the flesh of my cheek. Funny thing is, I couldn’t blame her. I knew I deserved it. It’s sad that that’s what it took for me to change my style, but I’m glad that I’m still young enough to be a respectable man for most of my life. I don’t go to clubs much anymore, and I’m in a serious relationship with someone I feel lucky to love.”

— Marty, 26


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