47 Former Players Reveal Exactly How One Special Girl Changed Them For Good

come back
Unsplash / Jenna Anderson

3. “I’ve always been a decent looking guy, and I have a career in finance, so I earn a decent living. I say that now just to give you some context. The thing is, girls have always kind of thrown themselves at me. But you know how they say ‘good on paper, bad in bed?’ There’s a reason for that. It took one night out with an awesomely honest, confident woman willing to deliver some hard truths for me to realize that I was a prick, and that I was bad at sex too. Talk about a blow to a man’s ego. I was a wreck and a total hermit for a while afterwards, but when I came out of the funk, I was a nicer person and I actually bothered to learn how to treat (and please) a woman.”

— Kurt, 26


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