47 Former Players Reveal Exactly How One Special Girl Changed Them For Good

Unsplash / Miguel Runa

29. “When I met my future wife, she was waiting tables and I was an asshole who thought he was above dating waitresses. I was young and dumb and handsome as fuck and I had a ‘good’ job. So my social life consisted of fucking a different girl every week, after taking them each to the same neighborhood spot and then suggesting a nightcap back at my place. One night when my latest fuck buddy went to the bathroom during dinner, I caught myself staring at our waitress and it hit me that she was the reason I’d been going there so often. It was amazing, how hard she worked and how she handled all the asshole customers like me with such grace. I wanted to be with her, so I stayed behind that night to ask her out and I pledged to give her the respect she deserved. We’ve been together ever since.”

— Philip, 31


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