47 Former Players Reveal Exactly How One Special Girl Changed Them For Good

Jeff Isy
Jeff Isy

1. “I’m one of those people who blossomed late in life. I was a virgin until 22. So when things started going well for me in the dating world (or, more accurately, the world of meaningless hook-ups), I was quick to take full advantage. I went from social reject to grade-A asshole in the matter of a few months as soon as I matured physically. I was the king of late-night booty calls and one-night stands—and sickeningly proud of it. But the night of my 27th birthday, I got syphilis. It was a real wakeup call. Syphilis is curable, thank every god out there, but it made me rethink my entire lifestyle. I cleaned up my act fast, and not just sexually. With a little introspection I realized I’d been a raging asshole for too long and that I’d have to do better if I wanted a shot at actually liking myself again.”

— Brandon, 28


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