45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

8. She broke into my house to steal my dogs and smashed some family heirlooms.

“Dated a super-manipulator. Lied the entire time we dated.

Found out she cheated on me with her boss. That was what started to peel away her false exterior.

Soon after found out she was addicted to painkillers when I had to miss work to go pick her up from her job, where she had a seizure. Found out eventually she took a mystery pill she found. Her excuse for using pills? She claimed to have miscarried (hint hint, she didn’t and was never even pregnant) and couldn’t cope.

Found out the boss wasn’t an isolated incident, she was also fucking my neighbor, randoms from the Internet, had a 55 year old sugar daddy, AND an ex-con (who was giving her free pills).

Routinely would cause fights with me and attack me physically, and due to her small stature (4’10”) I had no choice but to leave when it would happen. So she would cut herself to get me not to.

Signed me up for joint credit cards without my permission, then maxed them, to the tune of 10,000USD.


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