45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

32. She told everyone I’d beaten her, raped her, cheated on her, and got her pregnant.

“Going into high school, I dated a girl for a few months. Things got too serious, and she broke up with me. Big deal, I was bummed but I knew I’d live. My best friend moved away right as summer started so I spent a lot of time alone.

Fast forward to the first day of school, almost all my “friends” refuse to talk to me. There were rumors about me that I had (check all that apply):

)beaten this girl

)raped this girl

)cheated on this girl

)gotten this girl pregnant

I was beyond words. She broke up with me! Why the fuck was she straight up lying about me? I ended up having to basically reforge all my social circles to not include people who were salty over things that literally never happened.

Here’s the kicker: She didn’t spread the rumors. Her psycho best friend who was secretly in love with her did. This girl was a year ahead of my ex and I, so that explains why I could never trace the rumors.

The ex and I smoothed things out right before graduation, so I feel good about that.”



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