45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

29. Voices in her head told her to hurt herself.

“Went out with this girl for a few months, at the start her step dad threatened (and I don’t think as a false threat) to literally kill me if I screwed her over. Then she starts bringing up marriage after a month or two. Ok, no big deal, I can live with that. I didn’t take her seriously. Then she starts bringing up her dead dad (and dog) a lot. And I mean a loooot. I get people have get attached, but Jesus it was insane. Just when things would get heated, in the middle of movies, randomly on walks, etc. etc….. It was very weird. Final straw was the voices in her head telling her to hurt herself and do other stuff too (which I won’t go into) along with her developing a codependence on me that made me feel like shit because she would load me with all her problems and not take any of my advice, talk to anyone, or get help. She also threatened to kill herself before and after the breakup, then she managed to get her sister to try and nearly start a fight. She then also tried to turn my friends against me, which didn’t go well for her.”



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