45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

27. Craziest fucking person I’ve ever met…but goddamn the sex was good.

“She told me she was pregnant 4 months after we had sex because she was late THAT MONTH. Never mind the 4 periods she’s had since we sex.

She told me she was pregnant after she gave me a bj. She swallowed every last drop so I know none of it managed to make it all the way into her uterus.

I moved away and she would always message me when I wouldn’t respond and she went and got a new bf. I found this out when I started receiving mail from prison. No fucking idea how she managed to get my address in the first place never less while in jail but I would get weekly love letters from jail to my APO box.

The reason she was in jail was for catfishing some old dude to meet in a hotel and then her and her bf kidnapped him and held him hostage in the hotel room. Someone heard something going on and called the police. They found the guy tied to a chair in the closest with the bf holding a gun to his head. Thankfully no one was hurt. He’s still in jail but she only got a few months.

She is now that super obnoxious vegan who will harass you all day long if you ever post anything about meat or going fishing or anything like that. Not just the typical “meat is murder” rant. I’m talking about getting her friends to message you calling you a rapist and a murderer and reporting you to authorities for murder for having a steak.

Craziest fucking person I’ve ever met…but goddamn the sex was good.”



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