45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

In a last ditch effort to not have this go to court I told her I would show up at her house at 7:30am, and that if she didn’t let me in I would leave, but I would be there if she was willing to talk. She let me in and talked crazy for 30 minutes about how me breaking up with her was the best thing that ever happened to her, and at other times in the conversation how she would fight to get me back until she was dead. She stripped naked and begged me to fuck her raw, claiming she was certain she wouldn’t get pregnant. I refused, this whole time I just wanted her to give me my cat who she had locked upstairs. She said I could see her for a minute. I told her that if she let me hold her I would leave with her and she wouldn’t be able to stop me (perfectly within my right by the way, she is without a doubt my property, this is not an issue of a couple getting a pet together). She eventually tried harder to bargain for the dick and suggested that she will let me see my cat if I fuck her without a condom after. I said yes. She went upstairs to get her and I placed my cat carrier near the door while she was gone. As soon as I had her I ran. Outside while I was putting her in her carrier the ex tackled me (still naked) in the street. A tug of war ensued once my cat was in the carrier. I just kept screaming, “don’t hurt her” as she fought for the carrier like her life depended on it. Her mother was in the house and came out to her naked daughter fighting me for my cat. They tagged out and I had to pry my ex’s mothers fingers off of my cat carrier.

After numerous calls saying the police were after me and waiting for me at me and my friends houses, that the ex was going to kill herself, a text from the mother saying that I now had to live with myself after she kills herself and a discussion with the police to ensure they weren’t after me I thought it was over. I ended my suit with them; I had no interest in seeing these people ever again. I had my cat back and that’s all that mattered anymore.

I had recorded both the conversation with the police originally, and the baked sex begging encounter with my iPhone voice memos. I had all the documentation showing that the cat belonged to me and no one else.

I received a summons for $10,000 from the family a week later. After seeking legal counsel and compiling the evidence I had, it was clear they had no case, and were lucky I wasn’t pressing charges. I skipped a lot of the details that include many of the numerous laws my ex and her parents broke throughout this process. It’s a more complicated story than I have laid out here, I didn’t mention them harassing my family, forging signatures on court documents and assaulting me numerous times. Laws that are in place to protect people from exactly this type of harassment (illegally withheld property is identical to theft in my states laws).

Her father showed up to the first court date and they backed out before the second court date. He seemed amazed I had actually put a case together. He told a version of the story where he paid for the cat and it was his. This very directly contradicted the also not true story he told the police originally – which I had recorded.

They are very lucky they didn’t show up. Her mother asked for monthly updates about my cat’s wellbeing, to ensure I am taking care of her.

This is thankfully behind me. My cat is very happy. She had always been harassed by the ex who would pin her down and snuggle her when she just growled. She used to run away from the ex. She has never been more affectionate.

TLDR: I broke up with her, she stole my cat, sued me for $10,000 when I got the cat back.”



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