45 Men Share Their Horrifying “Psycho Ex” Stories

21. She stole my cat.

“I lived with a girlfriend for 8 months after being with her for nearly a year. I acquired a cat during that time. I found her in a tree, and decided to pay for her vet trips and food and keep her as a pet. The thing to make clear is that she was not our cat, but my cat. The Ex had her own she cared dearly about.

I broke up with her. This was a 9-hour ordeal for which her mother skipped work to be a part of and she repeatedly tried to kill herself throughout. I would have left if she hadn’t slammed a door on me hard enough to have me limping too slowly to leave without them both following me – which they said they would do. After packing up my belongings in the following days I told her I need a few more days to prepare for my cat to live elsewhere, and she said this was fine.

When I arrived to pick up my cat she and her parents called the police. Because they were our landlords they believed they owned the cat because hey had given me permission to own her. I left after a long talk with the police which ended in them saying it is very clearly my cat (I had all my paperwork showing so) and that they were very sorry they didn’t have the right to kick the door down to get her and that I had to take them to court. I sued them the next week.

Court processes are slow and I pleaded with my ex to give her back. She said she couldn’t and didn’t want to be involved, and that she hadn’t done anything wrong – she told her parents to stop me from retrieving my cat.


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