37 People Describe That One ‘Weird Family’ On Their Block

8. The family who kept stocking their bomb shelter with fresh food.

“An old friend’s mum was completely paranoid that Al-Qaeda would storm the small British town they lived in….Her solution? Have a massive bomb shelter built under their house. Not the weird part, though. About five times a year, she would spend literally thousands and thousands of pounds on groceries to stock the shelter with. By this, I mean she would genuinely buy out the whole supermarket (it would take her about 20 trips over a week). Not just canned food, but perishables, too…I only found this out by sleeping over on one of her ‘shopping’ days, where food covered literally every single surface of their massive house. My friend just shrugged it off and was ‘oh, yeah, just restocking our bomb shelter! We always need to be ready for invasion’. Da fuck?”


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