37 People Describe That One ‘Weird Family’ On Their Block

36. The parents who gave enemas to all their kids, even the teenagers.

“A family in our small-town neighborhood were very odd. There were about 300 kids at the school which was K through 12th grade. So everybody knew everybody pretty well. Most people in the town were very normal, open, and friendly. The kids of this family seemed very normal, if maybe a little sweet/innocent/naive. The parents were weird as hell.

When you went to knock on the door to see if a kid could come out to play or go to a school function or whatever, the mother and father would only open the door a crack. And they would look at you like they knew you were definitely up to no good. You would only see half of their face at most. The windows were all very heavily curtained. Most of the time the kids were not allowed out for anything other than school or church. A very controlling household. The mother was such a shut-in I only think I saw her once in a year.

Their 15-year-old daughter started secretly banging an 18-year-old friend of mine and got pregnant. By secretly I mean they’d sneak off at school and at church and at other strange timed because she wasn’t allowed to date. Not that she should have been allowed to date an 18-year-old, but kids in this family were not allowed to date, period. They ended up getting married right away, and he told me how weird shit was in that house for his wife growing up.

No movies. No TV. No music. Not unless it was church-related. Mostly for religious reasons, but we were all Mormon in that town, and every other Mormon family isn’t like that at all. Every time they came back into the house the kids would have to bathe immediately. If you went out two or three times in a day? You bathed two or three times. All the kids were all given very regular enemas. Like at least once a week. This was not because of some digestive issue, but because ‘harmful metals are everywhere and are constantly being absorbed into the human body.’ The enemas were supposed to be somehow be leaching out the metal and keeping them metal free and healthy. They had all kinds of weird remedies they would take to help fight the metals, but homeopathic type nonsense isn’t that uncommon. Multiple enemas a week for children and babies? That’s super odd. Oh, and the parents were the ones administering these enemas. To children ranging from 5 to 15 years old. Maybe I’m a prude, but I can’t imagine finding my mother and father taking turns lubing up and inserting an enema tube into my 15-year-old ass on a regular basis when I have no discernible health problems, normal.

The 15-year-old probably got pregnant so young because she wanted out of the controlling household. But the brainwashing had taken its hold. She kept giving her newborn baby special enemas because she was afraid of the metals making it sick. My friend argued with her about it, but she’d just do it when he was at work anyway. They eventually got divorced over these kinds of strange medical issues. So now the kid only gets the enemas half of the year.

TLDR – y’all are probably dying from trace metal build up because you didn’t get enough enemas as newborn baby.”


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