37 People Describe That One ‘Weird Family’ On Their Block


“Was just beginning to see this girl in high school, we’ll call her Sara. After a few weeks she invited me over to her house for dinner. Classic Valley family, pretty Christian, all blonde, dad’s a construction worker, mom’s a hairdresser, live on a dirt road.

Anyway so my mom drops me off at their place all the way out of town. I meet them, we chat, everything’s going well as we talk about current events. Since it’s early November of 2012, I start joking about how stupid it is that people think the world is going to end next month.


You could hear a pin drop after that comment. Total silence. Sara is just glaring at me, her sister staring at her dad who is also staring at me. And I mean the angry dad stare. Oh fuck, what did I do? Then her mom starts bawling and leaves the table. ‘Whats wrong?’ I ask. ‘SHUT UP!’ her sister yells again. I excuse myself to the washroom. I know I’ve fucked up and should just go home but teenage me is trying to think what I could do to recover this night and turn it into getting some ass. When I come out Sara is waiting for me, explains that her mom is just sensitive to the idea of big depressing death stories like those and doesn’t like how sometimes she feels like she can’t get away from it, even when the TV is off. Okay, makes sense….So I tell Sara I’m sorry, she said it’s okay and that we should just go downstairs and watch I movie in the basement. Booyaa, night recovered.

Until I went to said basement.

THE ENTIRE PLACE WAS STOCKED FOR THE END OF THE WORLD. GUNS, FOOD, RAFTS, MAPS, EVERYTHING. I tried to play it off and ask what they were for, hoping a sane answer. ‘For when God will wash the wrong. We’re just being prepared.’ She replied.

I walked 20 miles home down the highway that night.”


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