37 People Describe That One ‘Weird Family’ On Their Block

19. The family who was obsessed with dinner plates.

“I knew a girl in high school who had parents who were obsessed with dinner plates. They had such a huge collection of collectible plates in their house that every room was full of them on display. Their entire house was basically a library set up for these things. Her bedroom was a mattress on the floor surrounded by display cases of plates. You couldn’t even lean on any wall, they were all like this. The last time I went over there, I knocked one off the wall by mistake. I caught it and it didn’t even break, but my god the rage her dad flew into was fucking horrifying. He was inches away from punching me. Never went back! They tried to nervously laugh it off like ‘haha good ole dad being funny hahaha.’ The one time I asked my friend why they had so many she want on a passionate tangent about all the cool plates they had and why they were so awesome, it went on for an hour. I never asked again because hearing about neat dishware for an hour was like torture.

I just looked her up on Facebook. She works now as a Tupperware consultant. Seriously!”


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