SPINE-CHILLING: 17 People Describe The Creepiest Unexplained Thing That Ever Happened To Them

So we head back, slowly, and I realize that he is fine! He’s not getting any bad feelings, he is in his normal mood. So I convinced myself that I’m acting weird and that its probably just some crazy hiker.

We park the car right opposite this figure, engine still running, and my friend calls out, ‘Hi, there, are you OK?’ (I have to admit I was still pretty scared so I didn’t say anything). No response.

The figure then looks up in our direction and we get the fucking shit scared out of us. We saw that it was a woman, wearing a plain white dress, with very long, beautiful hair, but her face was three times the length of a normal person’s face, her eyes were completely blank, and she had a smile on her face.

I swear to god we both felt so fearful that we were completely paralyzed. We couldn’t yell, or even communicate, not even a single word, it felt like we couldn’t move.

I don’t know how he found the courage to press the gas and get the hell out of there. But I do remember that when we both got home we had a very high fever and we were like that for a couple more days afterwards.”



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